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The CAP Ambassador Program is your chance to support the development of emerging analytics talent, grow your reputation, and build the legacy of the Certified Analytics Professional certification. Your experience as a CAP makes you the most trusted source for sharing the value and benefits of certification. Everything from how you learned about CAP, studied for the exam, or applied your skills is invaluable to others. By becoming a CAP Ambassador, you show your commitment to the CAP community, cement your legacy as a leader, and advocate for analytics professionals everywhere. Use your influence and proven analytics skills to help grow the prestigious CAP program and inspire future generations.

Join fellow CAPs as an ambassador and establish your role in shaping the Certified Analytics Professional certification. You’ll be connected to other top analytics professionals and have a window into the future of analytics education and application. As a CAP Ambassador, you’ll be invited to share social media posts about upcoming initiatives and events, provide firsthand testimonials about your path to CAP certification, or offer insights into current trends and opportunities. Sharing your voice will help others realize the full potential of certification in the job market, and in cutting-edge research.

We're asking CAPs like you to join us in our CAP Ambassador Program. You’ve proven yourself to be a leading talent. The CAP Ambassador Program allows you to highlight those accomplishments, grow your reputation, and gain access to new opportunities and incentives. Find your network and become inspired by the growing demand and influence of the CAP certification. Share your passion and help support the CAP community.

The CAP Ambassador Program is designed to provide you with the materials needed to promote CAP as an ambassador, allowing you to easily share the value of certification and advocate for the importance of analytics.

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The CAP Ambassador Program is designed to provide participants with the promotional information and graphics needed to share and advocate for CAP certification.

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Becoming a CAP-certified professional recognizes that you are one of the most distinguished practitioners of the analytics profession. Showcase your accomplishment by adding this designation to your LinkedIn profile.

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