To All CAP/aCAP Candidates

Due to the outbreak and expansion of COVID-19, along with the significant uncertainty and restrictions associated with it, many Kryterion testing centers are instituting temporary closures until further notice. If you are scheduled to take the CAP/aCAP exam within the next several months, please note the following Kryterion policies due to COVID-19.

You may reschedule your exam date at any time through your Webassessor account. However, if you are within the 72-hour cancellation window, please contact Kryterion at to reschedule to avoid cancellation fees.

If your test center is closed before you have an opportunity to reschedule your exam, Kryterion will automatically reschedule your exam 60 – 90 days after the original date. Due to the high volume of activity, Kryterion will only send the candidate an e-mail with the new exam date. If necessary, you may reschedule the new date in Webassessor.

The list of closed Kryterion testing centers is available here.

Posted on Apr 02, 2020