Sample Test

The following sample test questions for each domain were developed by subject matter experts in the analytics field. The correct answer key at the end of this list of questions provides the correct answers to each question. These sample questions will never appear in an actual CAP® examination.

The 23 questions published here are intended to familiarize certification candidates and potential certification candidates with the format of the questions that appear on the CAP examination. They are also intended to provide a sample of the content (knowledge and skill) assessed by the CAP examination. These questions are not intended as a self-assessment instrument nor should they be used to predict success or failure on the CAP exam. Candidates and potential candidates should bear in mind that the CAP examination is a "pass/fail" assessment and that passing does not require correct answers to all questions. It should also be kept in mind that examination preparation efforts will likely increase knowledge and sharpen skills.


Distribution of Sample Questions Per Domain

Domain I: Business Problem Framing
Questions 6, 8 10, 12

Domain II: Analytics Problem Framing
Questions 7, 14, 16, 20

Domain III: Data
Questions 1, 2, 5, 23, 24

Domain IV: Methodology (Approach) Selection
Questions 3, 4, 9, 11

Domain V: Model Building
Questions 13, 15, 18, 21

Domain VI: Deployment
Questions 17, 22

Domain VII: Model Lifecycle Management
Question 19